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Ladies and Gentlemen !

We are delighted to announce that a new software GemCalc will be launched in February 2001, extending the expertise of DiamCalc into the world of color gemstones. A detailed description of the unique software tool GemCalc for the most effective cut and maximum beauty of color is available now at GemCalc page.

Company Info

Company: OctoNus Software Ltd.
Date and place of foundation: 1991, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
Education: Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov
Main fields of activity: Developing software for diamond industry and for telecommunications.

Current and completed projects:


System for optimization of rough diamonds cutting.

Visual C++ 6.0 (for Win9x, NT)


Diamond Calculator

Software for precise calculation of the diamond weight and determination of the proportions.

1998-99 System for information support of polished diamonds certification.

Delphi 3.0, Windows 95/NT, Microsoft SQL Server

Used by Assay Office of Russian Federation.

1991-99 PaCor system for optimization of rough diamonds cutting.

DOS-extender, C++, i386 Assembly i386

Customers: Almazy Rossii-Sakha, Diamcad (Belgium), Crystal Diamond Factory (Moscow).

1998-99 Interactive learning tool on diamonds 
Diamond 3D-Book

DHTML, Macromedia Flash, Active X, JavaScript

Joint project with MSU Gemmological Center

1997-98 Software support for digital telephony mini-switch (ISDN).   Multi-processor system based on SHARC DSPs

Windows NT, AIX,C, C++, ADSP-21000 family Assembly, LabView.

Customer: Super PC International (USA).

1997-99 Software for reconstruction, visualization and analysis of 3D models based on tomographical sections. Used model in not a voxel one.


Joint project with SkyScan  (Belgium)

1997-98 BackOffice software for stock market

Delphi 3.0, Windows 95/NT, Microsoft SQL.

Joint project with Tora-Centre and Sekvester

1996 RORC - software for market studies through WWW IIS

IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, ODBC, NeXTSTEP

Customer: Neuralog (US).

1996-97 Warehousing system for two-level store

Delphi 2.0, Paradox, Windows 95/NT

Customer: Argument-M Ltd

1996 Demo version of space flight planning system

NeXTSTEP, Oracle 7.0

Customer: Space Flight Control Center

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