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GemAdviser 1.4
September 6, 2005. We are glad to inform you that the GemAdviser 1.4 (build 36) is released and available for download.
What is GemAdviser?

The GemAdviser is developed from the GemReader software. The GemAdviser is a free read-only software to model polished gemstones allowing customers to 'see' the diamonds and gems. It allows to evaluate diamond Light Return and Leakage

The Gem Adviser reads the data from the '.gem' files created with the help of the DiamCalc 2.x software.
There is also a large number of the '.gem' examples is provided with the GemAdviser installation package. The .gem files will be copied in the 'samples' folder inside 'GemAdviser' folder.

Please don't hesitate to send us your comments to the following e-mail address: Your suggestions, impressions, bug reports will be very much appreciated.
On-line GemAdviser documentation (how to...)
Click here to see the GemAdviser on-line help.
Download GemAdviser

Current GemAdviser version is 1.4 (build 36) released September 6, 2005. Expriration date: September 5, 2006

GemAdviserSetup.exe (Size: 3,24 Mb)
GemAdviser installation program for Windows.
If you experience problems with downloading or installing GemAdviser please contact us at

Download GemAdviserSetup.exe from: