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Diamond calculator : Documentation
Appraising diamonds quality and pricing diamonds
OctoNus Diamond Calculator has two major features that help to evaluate diamonds:

- Appraising diamond quality and quality of particular diamond parameters (girdle size, pavilion angle, etc.)

- Pricing diamonds basing on price lists with discounts for diamond shape, cu quality, color and clarity

There are several built-in systems of diamond grading ("appraisers"): HRD, GIA, AGA and Russian TU. Moreover, the data of appraisers is stored as a text and can be edited, so you can change criteria of appraising diamonds or even add your own grading scheme.

Price lists are also stored as a text, so they can be customized, including possible discounts for diamond shape, color and clarity. Also, there is a free DBFCONV utility which provides a way to use Rapaport price lists with Diamond Calculator.

DISCLAIMER. The numerical representation of grading systems used by DiamCalc is not an official data of the corresponding bodies. Although the data was intended to describe HRD, GIA, AGA and Russian TU grading systems as precise as possible, some ambiguities or differences with the official data might exist. OctoNus Software recommends that you check appraiser data and modify it as necessary before using it to grade diamonds for commercial purposes.

DISCLAIMER. The price lists supplied with DiamCalc are sample ones. Although they are similar to real price lists used in the diamond industry, OctoNus Software does not guarantee that you can buy or sell diamonds at the price that was calculated by DiamCalc on the basis of the supplied price lists. OctoNus Software recommends that you verify price list data and modify it as necessary before using them for appraising diamonds for commercial purposes.

You can see "How DiamCalc grades diamonds" for exact criteria of diamond grading provided by DiamCalc.

"How DiamCalc prices diamonds" explains how the price is calculated depending on diamond color, clarity, shape and other parameters.

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