Course-Book Title Page is intended to be used by the diamond graders and appraisers, gemmological laboratories and institutes, diamonds and diamond jewellery manufactures and for the diamond and jewellery trade as well.
consists of three sections halting by hypertext:
  Identification, grading, appriasal of loose and mounted diamonds manual.
  Photo-Library of different stones and their characteristics
  Interactive training for various diamond simulators.
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Combination of these sections represents this CD as a unique training and reference book.
Image from Photo Library
  to carry out training of diamond graders and appraisers according to the Russian and international grading systems;
  to use the photo library of diamond internal and external features (to identify different kinds of characteristics) and photo library of stones graded according to the different systems of clarity grading;
  to work at the defects of different kinds with the emphasis on their location and reflections in a brilliant
  to identify their actual coordinates by imaginary imprints;
  to simulate lights path into different diamond cut
Raytracing Example. Click for Next Model.  
Example of Diamond Modelling. Click for enlarge.
  to simulate a photorealistic and stereo image of a diamond for various cuts, parameters and types of lighting
  to make a diamond weight precise calculation according to the fixed parameters (see Diamond Calculator Page)
  to simulate a diamond colour based on absorption spectra.
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You also can see diamond photorealistic images generated by software included in Coursebook.

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